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SWMLS - Southwest Multiple Listing Service

Albuquerque MLS

All our MLS listings are " Enhanced" and will appear on all of the following websites and local broadcast TV affiliate sites:

List your property for a flat fee on Albuquerque's MLS, the SWMLS, Southwest Multiple Listing Service, through Fixed Fee Realty (a division of Lisa Hebenstreit Realty, LLC) and For Sale By Owner New Mexico. The low, fixed fee price is $395.

What You Get $195 $395
SWMLS listing for 12 months.
Showcase enhanced listings on; your listing will come before non-enhanced listings, will be highlighted and display detailed property information.
Listing posted on hundreds of websites, both local realtor and national real estate sites, via IDX.
Unlimited “Open House” postings to SWMLS and
Listing on, a high traffic, high ranking site, increasing your chances of finding an unrepresented buyer and saving all commission fees.
Spam protected email contact form to prevent web robots from harvesting your email address from our web site.
Up to 25 photos.
Use of a prominent 3’ tall, professionally made metal yard sign with your custom telephone number placard.
Home Selling Tips booklet.
Comparable Sales.
All required real estate forms.
"Ready-to-Go" printable flyers for use with Info-to-Go tubes.
Licensed real estate broker available to answer questions throughout the process through closing via telephone or email. In-depth support available at an additional charge; pay only if you need it!
Cancel your listing at anytime without penalty.
We are 100% local. Unlike other services we know our market and we're here to help you!
Flat Fee $195 $395
List Your Home Now!

Discount MLS

This will also put your property on and at no extra charge! Further, your listing will appear on Trulia, Zillow, Google Maps, Yahoo Real Estate, AOL Real Estate,, Frontdoor, Cyberhomes, Oodle, and hundreds of other local and national real estate websites!

Already purchased our FSBO package? Upgrade to the SWMLS for just $250!

Before deciding to list your property on the multiple listing service, be aware that you'll be required to indicate what compensation you are offering the real estate agent representing your home buyer. You should state the amount as either a percentage of sales price, or a flat amount. If an unrepresented buyer purchases your property there is no buyer side payment.

To reiterate, if your property sells to an unrepresented buyer, you'll pay no commission at all.

If you're already a FSBO NM customer just login and then visit our services order form. If you're not yet a customer you can sign up for the SWMLS here.

You may search the SWMLS, view SWMLS listings by city or by county or view all 10516 SWMLS listings (caution, this is a big page for slow connections!). We've also added a New Mexico real estate by city and type page.

Unsolicited Customer Comments

My wife and I were buying our first house when we went to Lisa. She was prompt, dedicated, considerate, committed, and amiable. We knew we wanted a buyer's agent which is how we found Lisa's name amid many others, but her simple and inviting website drew us straight to her. It was in the entire process that Lisa shined, from searching for listings to visiting houses straight through to closing. She helped fill us in with her expertise and wisdom when we had questions, never hesitated to voice our concerns to appropriate parties, and she was our first and best advocate when our inexperience invited opportunities to be taken advantage of. Thank goodness for Lisa because no one could ever have taken advantage of us with her at our side. It goes without saying that we will recommend Lisa to everyone we ever know who needs a house and we recommend her to you, too.
Theodore H. and Amy K

Hi Lisa,

I sold my house this morning for full price - I'm really excited! Could you please put the listing into "pending" so that the other agents will know it's no longer available. The Buyers' agent ... from ... has the signed original and will get me a copy but I'm not sure if that will be today. I will forward it to you as soon as I get it. I really started to get a bunch of people interested all of a sudden and I couldn't be happier with how things are working out. Thanks again and let me know if you need anything else from me.


...I know you must think I am an idiot.  I appreciate all your kindnesses to me/us.  It is a complete surprise that I would end up liking a realtor.   As you can surmise, I have not had a lot of warm vibes between them and me.  (Perhaps I drove them crazy with questions? (!)  I would love it if sometime you could stop by and I can buy you lunch at the Flying Star that is a block from us.


Thank you Lisa. You are excellent to do business with. If ever you need a recommendation for your business (something like a testimonial, perhaps) just let me know.


We had a great experience buying a home with Lisa as our agent. The whole process, which definitely included some stressful negotiations, was made so much easier and more pleasant by Lisa's communication style, professionalism and expertise. She was helpful and flexible from our first phone conversation all the way to closing the deal!!! I would not hesitate for even a second to use her services again or recommend her to friends and family.

I chose the MLS option to sell my house. The process through Lisa s agency was painless and I liked having more control over the marketing strategy. The timing must have been right because I had a signed contract twelve days after the listing was activated. I tried to sell using a full service agent two years ago and failed to receive one offer after six months. I would definitely recommend going this route if you have any experience at all in selling a previously owned house.


Thanks to Lisa, I was able to sell my house quickly and saved thousands of dollars. Lisa has great expertise and is there to help and support you along the way. I would definitely use this service again!

Hi Lisa,

...We would like to thank you for doing business with us. This was a nice experience.

Thanks Lisa.

Reema & Ahmed

Hi Lisa saved me almost 6k you where very helpful in every aspect,many thanks,ill give you a call soon.



...Thank you for your assistance and again, for the excellent service you provide owners who desire to sell their properties themselves.


Christopher and Patricia

HI Lisa,

Signed our papers today. The buyers will be signing Monday.

Will fax the HUD and other inspections to you right away. Will you be able to pick up the signs soon?

Thank you for your help, worked great!

April and Steve


15 days and SOLD! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! The cost for this program went a long way towards a return on my investment. I was looking towards saving the “sellers” agent commission and expected that it might be somewhat time consuming to list on my own and even a little overwhelming. To my surprise, it was a lot easier and less stressful than I imagined.

Lisa and Annette- you were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I almost felt guilty about the small fee I paid compared to the services I received. I will strongly recommend FSBONM/Fixed Fee Realty time and time again. I also encourage seller’s to utilize the MLS option AND the lockbox. It’s an extremely great avenue to get the word out to buyer’s agents and convenient to the seller to provide the lockbox option.

Thank you for all your assistance!


I'd like to thank you for your excellent service. I am impressed at how quickly you returned my phone calls whenever I had a question.

Your service really produced results. I was a little worried during the first week of the listing because few agents were showing the house. But after the first week, which happened to be spring break, the showings really picked up and I got a very acceptable offer in less than two weeks after the listing was put on the MLS. So thanks again.

Attached is the HUD Statement you requested. It's in 4 pages because the sheets are too large for my scanner so I had to scan parts of each page twice.

***** *****
(via FAX)

Hi Lisa,

Exciting news, we were actually able to sign an agreement with a buyer yesterday with only 2 days on FSBONM. Who should I talk to about a refund for the MSL piece and how do I handle things from here? Also is there any way you could provide me with a copy of the standard disclosure form and occupancy agreements?

Best Regards,


...Just wanted you to know that I've used other FSBO fixed-fee services for other properties before, but your service looks far better organized and your contract is light years beyond some others. Good work!

Many thanks,


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When you list your home on, you may also choose to include the Flat Fee MLS Listing option. will put your house on the local Albuquerque MLS for a flat fee. Your property will be on the websites of hundreds of cooperating brokers and agents of the SWMLS. Your listing will also appear on and in addition to For Sale By Owner New Mexico.

You will be contacted shortly after ordering your MLS service by us to complete the necessary paper work. We will send you the documents as PDF files in an email. Simply print, fillout and fax back to us to get onto the Albuquerque MLS.

We are an Albuquerque MLS Brokerage so we need not go to a third party to put your listing onto the SWMLS. After we receive your completed paperwork, your listing will be placed on's national MLS Listing Service. Your listing will often appear on 3 or 4 other national realtor internet sites depending on your local MLS policy. There is normally a full page listing on with a picture or pictures you provide to your local MLS broker. This page may be printed and is suitable for brochures. Your listing can be found on by entering the MLS# that is provided by your local broker. .

Your MLS listing fee pays for a term of one year. Most properties are sold within this time frame. However, a six-month extension is available for $200.00. With the MLS option, you have the choice of showing your home through a realtor who will contact you with a request to show your home. If you elect to allow a showing of your home, you will be agreeing to the customary commission of 2.5-3% (sometimes negotiable). However, you retain the right to sell your home yourself and not pay the commission. If you elect to sell your home through a realtor, your maximum cost will be 2.5-3% + the MLS Listing Fee of $299.00. If you sell your home via or if you find the buyer, your selling costs will be limited to the initial Flat Fee MLS charge of $299.00.

This hybrid selling system is especially useful when you need a quick sale. Your selling costs can range from 0%-3% depending on your choice to sell the home yourself or to work with a realtor. The savings are significant, usually thousands of dollars. Should you decide at any time to list with a broker, please contact before listing with a full service broker. We may be able to help you get credit for the MLS listing fee you paid us and avoid having to pay it twice. Please contact us with any questions you have on how the program works.

If you choose the Flat Fee MLS Option, go to the "Listing your House" page and fill out the information for your listing. Click on the Flat Fee MLS Option in the order form and any of the other options that meet your needs. Enter your credit card information on the secure payment page. Your listing will appear on immediately.