Property Listing Questions

Why doesn't my property listing show up in the search lists?

If you can see your information in the edit listing pages, but your page doesn’t show up in the search lists check that the “Display Property Listing on Website” checkbox in the property listing Dashboard is checked. If it is, and you know that your payment has been received, email the webmaster.

Can I view my property's detail page before making it visible to the public?

Yes. After you’ve filled out your property listing information, click the “View Listing” link in the Property Maintenance  submenu. This will open your property detail page in a new window.

Is there an easy way to direct people to my listing?

Yes. We have provided a URL shortcut designed for use in newspaper ads and other limited spaces. Your URL shortcut is our homepage url with your property ID appended. You can copy it from the dashboard (bottom of the page). Or here:[prop_id].

My question isn't addressed here. How can I get an answer?

You can email Lisa or David for further assistance.

Should I do a home inspection before listing my house?

If you want to be proactive, and uncover potential problems before listing, there are good reasons for doing so. First, buyers will perceive that you are a conscientious seller, and have nothing to hide. This increases the comfort level of buyers. Secondly, a pre listing inspection gives you the opportunity to make repairs prior to listing, which makes your home more salable. Lastly, you can highlight the fact that you’ve had an inspection and made repairs.

On the other hand, if you are flipping a house or you’re trying to unload a fixer upper, you might do better to save the inspection money.

Should I have my home appraised before listing my house?

Most sellers do not spend the money on a formal appraisal before listing due to the cost. Furthermore, most real estate brokers can do a decent job with a “market analysis,” typically free of charge. One advantage to having a pre listing appraisal completed, is that you can price your home well, and show buyers that you are not over priced, increasing their comfort level. Be aware however, that the appraisal cannot be used for lender purposes. Lenders have their own process for selecting appraisers.

Property Selling Questions

Someone wants to make an offer; what should I do?

If your buyer has a real estate broker, they will submit a written offer to you. If your buyer does not have a broker, give the buyer a copy of the “purchase and sale agreement” form that we provided to you. It’s also available on our website. It’s the responsibility of the buyer to make the offer. The form is “fill in the blank” and designed to protect both parties, and address the issues of both parties. Either you or your buyer may wish to have it reviewed by a real estate attorney.

Should I be present when buyers view my house?

If your buyer does not have a real estate broker, you will likely be showing the home. This gives you the opportunity to point out the best features of the home and “sell” the aspects they might not notice otherwise. If they do have a broker, leave the house and let them view it without you there. Buyer brokers prefer not having the seller present since having the owner in the house could make buyers uncomfortable. They feel as though they can’t make comments or ask questions for fear of offending you. The owner—who has a history and attachment to the house—has the tendency to argue if a potential buyer makes a comment that could be a little negative.

Who typically orders the appraisal?

The buyer’s lender will have the appraisal ordered. You as the seller, will be contacted by the appraiser shortly after the lender has ordered it so that he/she can arrange for the home visit. If your buyer is paying cash, they may or may not elect to have the property appraised. If they do, the buyer typically will hire the appraiser.