Control the Showing of Your Home

When opening your home to the public you should be aware of unscrupulous visitors who come to your home as potential buyers with the actual intent of stealing from you.

Typically two people work this scam. While you show the downstairs to one, the other is upstairs rifling through your jewelry box. While you show the master bedroom to the second, the first is helping himself to the contents of your office desk drawers.

Don’t be afraid to control the showing of your house. You own your home, you set the rules. Politely, but firmly, insist that all visitors stay with you while you show them the house.

Under no circumstances should you let strangers roam through your home unattended. This is just asking them to help themselves to your valuables.

Of course, the best way to protect your valuables is to secure them before opening your house to the public. The inconvenience of doing so is usually more than offset by the potential savings.